An Open Letter.

Një artikull i nevojshëm që do të publikohet edhe në gjuhën shqipe. 

– A most pleasant surprise

We assure you, this article will not be an exercise in apologism. In fact, it will be a likely untimely response to a charade of hastily (or made to appear as such) composed evidence about the nascence of an epic and controversial political stripe, right at the margins of society, yes you guessed it, “the far-right”. Surprisingly this year’s report on such a “dreadful event” includes Albania, an unlikely country on the map of “far-rightist” ambitions. A country plagued by an abundance of left-wing literature for more than half a century, more than enough to educate entire cohorts of communist disciples, especially with the advent of the “transitory period”. Suddenly, in a short period of time, we all become good westerners, and the centralized government magically disappears. In its stead, a liberal order is established, more or less theoretically, and less so practically. Right? Good, let us continue.

– True to our worldview           

Now my dear fellows, i must drop a truth bomb, right here and now. The digital reincarnations of yesterday’s witch hunts, namely, something called “cancel culture”, doesn’t really work in our small and beautiful country. Neither does the strictly western phenomenon of “political correctness”.

Of course, as time passed, zealous activists of the “peace, not strife” camp have managed to import a few ways and words from our friends beyond the seas. Thus, through the creation of a multilayered structure of “discourses”, the higher you move on the ladder of academically endorsed research (peer-reviewed, trust us), the more you become detached from reality. The more you become detached from reality, the closer you are to achieving the status of “personhood”, reality ain’t worth a damn nowadays.

So we find ourselves before a dilemma. Do we need to feel guilty about our views and go about scrambling an apology, a proper defense, a justification? No. We don’t. We don’t, because we are waging a war here. Whoever abandons his post, is condemned to live the rest of his life in shame.

– A brave new world

In this day and age, the war of ideas and ways of life, finds its proper expression in tendentious ways of representing one movement or the other – all for the sake of smearing as much mud as one can, in the direction of the enemy. Reason has been flung out the window, perhaps with good measure. The new rulebook of ideological wars dictates the use of theatrics and ethno-cultural sensitivities, in the struggle to make the “right-wingers” go away with their pessimistic notions of human nature and statecraft. After all, misrepresentation is to be expected from the side of the “post-nationalists” (a fancy word for globalists).

Therefore we will not roll out the red carpet to these ideologues. It is their job to wage a war against all ethno-nationalist sentiments, it is their method to compile Stasi-like reports, outlining all the movements, logos and faces of these highly dangerous “far-righters”. Actually, the designation “far-right” has become nothing less of a polemical tool. The far-right is the devil, and the globalists are the angels. Good and evil in one final apocalyptic battle.  Friend and enemy locked against each another. A political struggle in its purest form.

– Down to business

“A blog and Facebook page named brerore were opened in late 2018, by Albanian right-wing activists in order to propagandise radical nationalist ideas. The group uses the same symbol of the Italian right-wing party Lega. Some of the authors of the blog have progressively embraced aggressive attitudes toward migrants and they blame “sorosians”, communists and religious fanatics for carrying out population exchange between continents.”

“The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to increased antipathy toward migrants who, according to blogs with far-right content such as, represent a threat for the health of Albanians and their racial purity.”

  • State of Hate: Far-Right Extremism in Europe. 2021. Country: Albania. By Fabio Bego.

These are the few sentences which contain the name and content of our organization, albeit in a distorted sense.

We offer our thanks to the perpetrator, for having the courtesy to at least portray our endeavor as a “radically nationalist” one. Identifying the most basic quality of the “evil” one has to defeat, is a must-do for researchers (or ideologues, or both). We cannot say the same about the rest.

– Identity and Difference

The six petal rosette, is an ancient ornamental design, dating back to the Late Bronze Age. It can be found in many sites around the world, and has almost uniquely different connotations from culture to culture. In many cases it represents the rise of the sun after a long winter. Late esoteric studies have bestowed the name “Flower of Life” to this elusive symbol.

This idea of rejuvenation has always resonated deeply within us, and after finding this symbol in the National Museum, we decided to create a variant of the symbol, in accordance with our political goals. Rejuvenation for the Albanian people, a new life, a new Albania, ethnically united and strong. As of late, we finally discovered another political use of this symbol, it comes from Padanian secessionists. The six petal rosette appears here as a green motif, unrelated to our design. Sameness? The author suggests the presence of at least a correlation between Lega and Brerore, which doesn’t exist. After all, Lega is an italian party, and we are an Albanian outfit. Maybe the implied sameness according to the author, reinforces a supposed affiliation with the right, in which case our response is simple. Lega is too far away from us, and too moderate for our tastes.

– To paraphrase or to not paraphrase.

Clearly there is a difference between enablers and supporters. Communists, religious fanatics and Soros-backed activists in Albania would all be in favor of refugees flooding the country, creating that multi-cultural paradise we all read of in the papers, and savor the reality of, in our daily lives. Usually the purpose of paraphrasing revolves around achieving greater clarity. It is not the case with the words of our author here. Next time he would do good to directly quote our words, and not show his incapability or unwillingness to write in a way that stays true to the original contents of the article. In many ways, the unwillingness to stay true to the original contents of the article, shows a deliberate attempt to miss the point of the article itself. That a refugee crisis during the outbreak of a global pandemic, can be a useful tool in the hands of truly aggressive politicians such as Erdogan.

As it truly happened last year, when he orchestrated a massive displacement of refugees from his camps and up towards Europe. Nevertheless, despite the context of things, our stance on the refugee crisis as a whole, is clear. Albania does not have to share in the plight of these people, to carry the burdens of their wars, and their failed states. It is not our responsibility to take care of peoples of other ethnicities except our own. Since in some way we have failed to take care of our own, we can indeed glimpse at a sort of population exchange, between a disappointed generation which leaves the country out of a lack of hope for the future, and rowdy crowds of refugees who come to wreak havoc on the region. Watch the news.

– Propaganda 101

The attempt to substitute our dissemination of ideas, with a simple propaganda designation, is quite ironic. Broadly defined, propaganda is “the expression of opinions or actions carried out deliberately by individuals or groups with a view to influencing the opinions or actions of other individuals or groups for predetermined ends and through psychological manipulations”. Similar to what you did with missing the crucial point of our article and other false correlations and/or causations?

– Hope, not Hate. Neither!

We all know why independent political initiatives are frowned upon in Albania. There are no strings attached. No puppets and no puppet master. If such initiatives last more than a year, people start getting curious, they almost feel threatened.  These initiatives tend to raise the standards for the rest, and we can’t have that in a politically apathetic country like Albania, right? Hate is a fleeting thing. It is an outburst of feeling which gradually fades away. Hate cannot create long-lasting initiatives. It is rather a sense of duty which creates and maintains these initiatives. Pure, dispassionate duty. This is why we write, and act in a way which serves the interests of Albania, and Albania alone.

– Epilogue

I remember watching a short clip of an interview, where Indro Montanelli spoke about the future of Italy and the Italians. He lamented the lack of a sense of history and belonging, in his compatriots. When asked about his thoughts on the fate of Italy, the answer was cryptic. Italy has no future, but Italians do. Italians will gladly occupy positions in respective fields within the worldviews of other countries, thus ending up with a brilliant future for themselves, but not for Italy as a state. Italy will fade away.

Perhaps this is what is happening to Albania.

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